A Busman’s Holiday

Taking a break from graves, we went to Death Valley to celebrate the New Year. The first two days were very bitter: cold, windy, and blowing dust under a closed grey sky. On the first day of the year, the weather cleared, and I was able to go out and shoot.

Death Valley is particularly stunning in that there is so little vegetation that you can easily see the remnants of former earths. Each layer of soil, rock and salt adds its own story, told in colors, textures, and shapes.


The stories tell of the explosions of distant stars, the dry ghosts of oceans and lakes, and mountains that rose up only to be polished by the soft hands of wind and rain. Worlds changed and changed again by life from the first blue green algae to the invention of plastic.

I am once again enthralled in the beauty. I am once again embraced by the earth.


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